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“Manning helped Manufacture our number one selling product. Manning has good technology and they are always willing to engineer a solution to a problem”

Manning Customer

Automotive Division

Manning & Company has served the Automotive industry for over 50 years providing coated and laminated fabrics and foams for carpet assemblies, wheel wells, seat backs and underbody. We also produce specialty films for noise reduction.  

Customization is a key benefit of working with Manning. Automotive customers are served by Manning’s ability to design, manufacture and deliver to any specification: width, color, thickness, or run-size.

Home Division

Manning’s Home Division is a leading innovator in custom crawl space and basement liners to protect homes from air-borne contaminents and even harmful gases, such as radon. 

Manning is also an industry leader in laminate flooring and luxury vinyl tile underlayment products to protect flooring and reduce in-home noise. 

Innovative low E metalized film insulation products designed and manufactured by Manning provide solutions for improved home warmth in winter temperatures and superior home cooling during summer months.

Do You Need A Solution ?

Moore County NC Industry


Manning utilizes a wide range of plastic resin types and customer-specified raw materials to create multiple types of plastic-coated and laminated fabrics, impermeable plastic liners, and fabric-based construction products.

Southern Pines NC Parks


Manning’s engineers and designers work directly with our Customers to design custom widths, thickness and run sizes. We design solutions for any idea our customers can conceive of and Deliver to agreed upon specifications.

Moore NC Industry


Our specialized products are used extensively in the automotive & home manufacturing industries. We design and customize automotive textile composites, basement & crawl space liners, flooring underlayment & home insulation products.